The resting chair “Xeek” is made up of Wenge wood and 100% cotton upholstery.  It was designed to be the queen of the living room, its shape recalls the branches of a tree. The continuous lines that change its thickness. 

Publica gadget for enlarging networks. 

Design by Lorena Savi.

The purpose of this excersice was to find the Smart characteristics, the IDENTITY of a trade mark.  The shapes, colors, size that define a Smart customer. The challenge was not just to create a nice object, but to used an already stablished pressing machine. 

COFFEE SET “40th aniversary of Product Design at UNAM”

Uniform for tourist information workers in Yucatan.

ETN is a famous luxury brand of long trips bus service.  It usually offers the night service lasting between 10 and 22 hours. Every bus has only 21 places. Our project was to design a comfortable sit with some advantages like a place to keep your belonging safe, somewhere to eat, a pillow to rest. With this new model 28 seats fit on every bus. 

The caulking machine, Siliflex, could be used by anyone, even a kid because the ergonomics were improved. Body measurments, age ranges, statistics, etc. are taken into account for designing this products. A prototype was also printed in 3d in ABS.

Gatget for water recycling. People while washing their clothes could save some water from their washing machine. The device will work as a tank for storing the water that goes to the sewage and as a buggy to move the water around. This water could be used for cleaning the floors, cars, toilets, window, etc. And in cities with a lack of water, like Mexico City, a device like this would be really appreciated. Used for the MABE contest. 

The furniture was designed for the ABN contest. The idea was to use standard polipropilen pieces suitable to be accomodated  according to the necessities of the city. This would mean: if there is a place for resting maybe benches are ok; but if there is a place where a lot of people walk through, maybe a waste basket or a bike rack is needed. 

The service lift was designed for children between 8 and 10 years. Each sistem was develop to easen the usage to a kid. The lift could carry up to 7 kg. We designed and produced it in a team. 

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